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Digital MarketinG

eCommerce Marketing and Strategy

Get your ecommerce business ‘un-stuck’

Have your online sales slowed? Want to smash through previous records?

Brand Design & Strategy

An important part of your online identity lives in your branding

Social Media

Essential paid social campaigns. Not your typical post and hope they come strategies

Audience Analytics

Analyse and segement your audiences so you can deliver relevant messaging and offers


Most journeys start with a search. Be there when your future customer starts the search


Good copy is essential. Convey the right message the first time

Team Training

Process optimizations to enhance profitability

Web Development

Where the action happens. Satisfy your customers

Email Marketing

Often overlooked, but still mighty. Send email that you are proud of

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Do you run an ecommerce store? Does your total revenue exceed $500k USD per year? Get your first consultation with no obligations. If the results in the first month don’t amaze you, DON’T PAY.  There is NO catch!

Success Stories

Chase helped us see the vision we were lacking. Starting with automating mundane repetitive tasks that took a lot of our time. After we created a better process, we were freed up to be able to spend time on introducing new products, and growing our revenue. He also helped us turn customer service into a revenue channel instead of just a cost center. We still work with him and value his expertise in eCommerce.

Chris R.

Head of Marketing, Katiedid Designs

We have been working with Chase Waters for 3 years, we have grown our eCommerce channel by more than 600% (not including amazon, which has been similar in growth). His strategies, suggestions, and execution has been beyond what we could have asked for.

Our Paid Ads have gone from no ROI to an average of 8x ROI, just following suggestions and implementing better tracking and transparency on our site.
Chase and his team have taken our website under their wing and opened our eyes to the possibilities that are out there. This year the website will be in the top 5 sales channels that we have (including retail sales).

Current Client, Name Withheld due to NDA

CMO, CPG Brand

Chase helped us with our sales and contract process. We were able to automate and reduce turn around time from lead to contract. He has also helped us get started on PPC and other marketing automation to convert the maximum percentage of leads possible

Michelle W.

Owner, Modern Receptionist

Our new Campaign MOtto

Double it.
Let’s get things moving!