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Doggie Boot Camp

Doggie Boot Camp

How It Works

  • Does Your Dog Need Help With Leash Aggression, Food Aggression, Dog Fighting, Being Fearful, Basic Dog Training, or Separation Anxiety?
  • Call Or Email To Schedule An Appointment
  • Bring Your Dog In For A Consultation Session for $250
  • After Spending Time With Your Dog I Can Determine The Best Plan Of Action
  • When You Pick Your Dog Up I Will Teach You How To Maintain Your Dog’s Great New Behavior.
  • Bring Your Dog Home With Confidence and Outstanding Behavior!

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Step By Step

Your Dog Will Start Learning Structure and Balance

The first week the dog is learning is structure and the early stages of balance. Usually around day seven, your dog will act out and do the exact same things he does at home.  This is where we will start to see exactly what your dog needs. Your dog will start to learn what’s expected and what is unacceptable.
Leonard will start building a relationship of trust with your dog that will be eventually transferred to you.


Bringing Your Dog Back To His/Her Natural Animal State

Leonard will start erasing mis-information that has put into the dog. He will start to bring your dog back to it’s natural state as an animal.
Leonard continues to remove what your dog has been struggling with and will work on identifying and removing the root cause of your dogs behavior problems.

Fear, Aggression, And Anxiety Will Start To Be Removed From Your Dog

Your dog will learn how to be an animal, and be taught that he doesn’t have to take care of everything. Your dog will start to trust Leonard and the ‘animal experience’. At this time, Leonard can start removing the fear and separation anxiety.

Leonard assigns a partner dog that has already finished doggie boot camp, to help rehabilitate your dog. This helps your dog learn to trust other dogs and helps them feel balanced.

This is also when your dog starts learning to rehabilitate other dogs.


Your Dog Learns How To Play With Other Dogs Properly

Eventually, your dog is reintroduced into the pack. Leonard supervises as your dog is able to socialize with other rehabilitated dogs.

Many other training facilities only spend fifteen minutes, three times a day with your dog and then the dog goes back into the kennel for the rest of the day. Leonard  does not believe this is how to get long-lasting change. He is with the pack most of the day as the dogs socialize and play together after overcoming their aggressive or anxious tendencies.

Family Training

If Leonard needs to keep your dog longer than the standard allotted time, there is no additional charge. The dog is only sent home with both the owner and the dog are ready.
Once your dog is ready to go home to you, you and your family will be invited for the day to receive training on how to maintain your dog’s new outlook on life.
What You and Your Dog Will Learn Before Your Dog Is Ready to Go Home-How to deal with, handle, and stop aggressive dog behavior

  • How to read your dog’s body language
  • How to handle your dog around other dogs, people, on and off leash
  • Basic and advanced manners
  • Socialize with other dogs
  • The proper way to behave around children
  • How to use the pinch collar or e-collar (as needed or on request)
  • How your energy affects your dog’s behavior and energy
  • The difference between how dogs and humans experience the world.

Your Dog Gets To Be A Dog

By the end of Doggie Boot Camp, a huge weight will be lifted from both you and your dog’s shoulders. Your dog is able to be with other dogs and humans without aggression or anxiety.  Life will be easier and everyone will be happier!

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